Water based paints

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Article No. 387205

Light-fast, two-component clear topcoat for high-gloss varnishes

Article No. 714701

Adhesive primer for metals, rigid plastics and wood, with rust protection and sealing action against substances contained in wood

Article No. 387601

Fire-resistant, light-fast, durable 1K colour varnish

Article No. 314601

1-component, multi-layer colour varnish for use as sealing layer, filler, coloured coating and topcoat

Article No. 236805

Water-based joint filler liquid for parquet and wooden flooring

Article No. 380684

Isocyanate for hardening Aqua varnishes

Article No. 321705

Highly pigmented, single-component filler with excellent sealing effect, especially for wood rich in active substances

Article No. 387501

Matting paste for water-based coating materials

Article No. 236905

Special primer for parquet and wooden flooring, minimises unwanted adhesion

Article No. 530905

Clear, single-component finish for a natural wood look with high durability

Article No. 326505

Single-component, easy-to-sand pigment filler with low flammability and indoor air cleaning effect - with Aqua VGA-485 as sealing filler

Article No. 237605

Clear, single-component sealing varnish for application by roller