Protection and care for garden wood

Decking as extended living space

The era of boring paved and dull patios is gradually coming to an end. Today, patios are increasingly becoming extensions of living space.

Wood, and also increasingly composites of wood/natural materials and plastics, e.g. WPC and bamboo, are being used to create a cosy feel in the new living space. Garden furniture, patio decks and fences are primarily made of wood or WPC. But even hard woods are growing in popularity because of their durability and the fact that they do not need wood preservatives in a classic sense. However, if the wood is not protected at all, it will quickly become grey as it weathers, and cracks may form. The stated materials remain beautiful in the long-term thanks to regular care and protection offered by Remmers products.

Garden wood protection & care

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Article No. 264501

Solvent-based, decorative oil for wooden decking & garden furniture

Article No. 208701

Solvent-based oil for terraces, fences and other building elements made of WPC, Resysta and bamboo

Article No. 769001

Water-emulsified oil made from renewable materials for wood terraces and garden furniture

Article No. 769601

Water-emulsified oil made from renewable raw materials for a pre-greying effect on wood

Article No. 264003

Special cleaner for weathered outdoor wooden decking with decorative coatings

Article No. 264103

Special cleaner and brightener for use on wood in outdoor areas

Article No. 067601

Special detergent for removing green growth on terraces, stone floors and walls