Silicon casting compounds with excellent reproduction accuracy

There are many good and legitimate reasons to produce casts of valuable originals: Be it the restorer or the archaeologist, the museum curator or the artist who wants to duplicate his designs: They all work with silicone casting compounds.

Remmers Silicon AFM is a highly-elastic condensation-networking silicone casting compound with a high crack resistance that was specially developed for producing universal casting moulds. It enables excellent reproduction accuracy and is suitable for casting any type of difficult forms. Thanks to the high level of elasticity and the good separating properties, the materials can be easily released from the model, and is therefore designed for the largest possible casting frequency and precision. To improve the structural stability, adding the thickening agent AFM can reduce the flowing properties of the silicon casting compound AFM. This means that skin types can also be created on uneven and/or vertical mould surfaces in a brushing method, without dripping and/or subsidence of the casting compound.

Moulds can be cast with a variety of substances. Usually, pourable mortars/stucco mortars are used for replication.

  • Restoration mortar GF
  • Stucco mortar GF
  • Stucco mortar GF (according to an historical example based on natural cement mortar)

Also, other materials, such as gypsum, clay, wax and casting resin such as polyester and polyurethane, can be used to fill silicon casting compounds. Casting resins however limit the casting frequency.


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