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Specialist planning

Many years of experience and a convincing range of services

When major projects involve the analysis, consulting and design of maintenance issues for "existing buildings", a strong partner is indispensable for implementation. A partner with whom many years of experience and a convincing range of services complement each other ideally. A partner like Remmers Fachplanung.


Analysis. Consulting. Conception.

The Remmers specialist planning is a reliable partner in many national and international markets. We work in many sectors from the industry, trade and residential construction fields, as well as in our most prestigious discipline, monument conservation. Highly qualified experts from across the world are at your side in your construction projects. We know the specific requirements of your industry. More than four decades of project business make the Remmers specialist planning department a reliable partner for all maintenance issues. Our services start with the initial analysis, for instance taking samples and laboratory examinations. The heart is the development of a bespoke concept after taking into account all economic and structural specifications.

Chlorides in reinforced concrete can lead to substantial corrosive damage. Therefore, the concrete needs special protection. This applies notably for traffic structure that affect both moving and also stationary traffic.

All floors that are not used for residential purposes or roads are considered industrial floors. In addition to the guaranteed load bearing capacity, the industrial floor should also be highly resistant to many types of influencing factors in the long term and only require a minimum of care and maintenance effort.

Architectural monuments require bespoke solutions. Errors could lead to the loss of irretrievable cultural objects. This is why great care and deliberation is essential when drafting the concept and selecting products. This is based on understanding the various approaches in the field of monument preservation: Restore or preserve?

Heavy mechanical loads and extreme temperature peaks can occur as a result of hot fluids in the food industry. Many of these fluids contain aggressive substances, e.g. lactic acid or acetic acid. Polyurethane concrete has proven itself over the years as a floor coating system for various loading conditions.

Hydraulic structures and waste water treatment plants are subject to extreme, service-life-reducing sustained loads such as chemical and biogenic sulphuric acid corrosion (BSK), positive and negative water load and mechanical loads. The Remmers specialist planning department gives you everything you need from one source: Qualified structural analysis, creation of a bespoke restoration concept and supervision of the sustainable restoration work.