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Whether due to errors in the design of wooden structures or their use: damage caused by fungal or insect infestation often very quickly leads to a restriction of the static function of load-bearing components. Remmers wood preservatives have been providing a safe remedy for decades - only in the hands of competent craftsmen, of course.

Wood is also popular with insects. If they settle down and gnaw on it, it can have devastating consequences. Wood pests can destabilise entire buildings. The earlier an infestation is detected, the better. We can give you an overview of the most important wood pests and show you how you can carry out a modern restoration with the Remmers product range.

Wood and wood-based materials can be destroyed by wood-destroying fungi. The fungi form a network of fine fungal threads (hyphae) on and in the wood, which are referred to as mycelium. Rot is the most dangerous form of harmful fungi. It destroys the structure of the wood.

Combating wood preservation | Remmers Protection against insect and pest infestation

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Article No. 210005

Liquid preservative concentrate for preventing dry rot in masonry work

Article No. 211103

Water-based wood preservative; free of heavy metals and ready to use

Article No. 221330

Water-based wood preservative for infestation control with long-lasting results

Article No. 205904

Article No. 205901

Liquid, solvent-based wood preserving agent with control action for use by professionals