Waterproofing beneath tiles

DIN 18534 - the new waterproofing standard for interior waterproofing

The proven compound seals have been documented in standards with the introduction of the new series of norms for waterproofing of buildings. The planning and execution principles for this type of damp protection are now outlined in the DIN 18534 ‘Interior waterproofing’.

Analogue to the new regulations for waterproofing that has contact with the ground, the planning principles that are also in the DIN 18534 are stated in Part 1 of the norm. The further parts of the standard (Part 2 - Part 6) not only contain material-specific regulations, but also detailed information about models with the respective sealing types.

Part 3 of the DIN 18534 lays out the requirements for fluid sealing materials. In addition to polymer dispersions (DM), the sealing type of the crack-bridging mineral water proofing grouts are shown here.

The flexible, polymer-modified thick coating Remmers MB 2K fulfils all the specifications of the new DIN 18534. In combination with the fleece-laminated joint binders of the VF series, Remmers also offers all-round approved systems for damp protection below tile coverings.


Effectiveness of MB 2K+ in the compound seal

A simple system structure with MB 2K+ saves material and time. Whether it is applied by trowel or brush, thanks to its smooth consistency, the new MB 2K+ can be applied very simply and evenly on the surface that is to be waterproofed.

The innovative bonding process ensures that the waiting times are short. After just 4 hours, the curing reaction has advanced to the point that applicaton of further treatments is easy.


  • Extensive application-related tests by Remmers Technical Service (RTS)
  • AbP tested for MB 2K+ as waterproofing in a bond.

Waterproofing beneath tiles

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