Unique solutions with respect to design and functionality

Traditionally from the wood field, we are used to challenging subsurfaces. This means we are in a position to guarantee unique solutions with respect to design and functionality on various materials. In addition to the classic products from the staining and solvent-based, UV and hydro lacquer fields, we also supply unique special solutions, e.g. fluorescent lacquers, anti-fingerprint, glass painting, sustainable oils or also DIN-compliant low-flammable systems.

Roller or spray procedures are frequently used for industrial surface coating production processes. Various technologies are used during production, for instance cup gun nozzles, automatic spray units and also highly complex roller lines. Painting processes are often process-controlled and run in combination with painting and drying equipment. We will help you choose your individual coating system and provide in-depth system planning competence.

The bandwidth of drying procedures ranges from the classic (physical/chemical) drying technology through to radiation curing systems. The corresponding drying types need to be applied depending on the painting process. Remmers supplies highly-efficient paint technologies for the overall application spectrum.