SL Deco Flake 01-3

Crack-bridging, UV-stable, flexible flow coating with contrast blinding and light structure for areas subject to medium-heavy loads. Optionally with a matt or non-slip surface.

SL Deco Flake 01-3

UV-stable, flexible PUR float coating with contrast blinding


  • Tread-elastic and crack-bridging
  • Non-slip surface
  • Very good UV stability


  • Reception halls
  • Office space
  • Sales rooms

Test certificates*

  • Slip resistance R 10
  • Fire class Bfl-s1
  • Crack-bridging test
  • Emission test
  • Chair castor test
  • Residual impression behaviour (furniture feet)
  • Colour-fastness examination
  • Tested impact sound reduction
*For more details, please refer to the current valid technical information sheet / system structure and the respective test certificate. Test certificates may only apply to the respective product so that the above-mentioned system is not a mandatory part of the approval. Different R-classes can be achieved by replacing sealants and grano blinding materials. Design coats contain characteristics/textures.

SL Deco Flake 01-3

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