Concrete release agents

Concrete release agents by Remmers: The right choice for any application

Concrete can be used for various areas of application. From the highest design requirements and use in exposed concrete façades through to multiple daily use of formwork tables in the prefabricated industry. Here, the concrete release agents are crucially important for 0na optically flawless concrete surface. The surface requirements are fulfilled, when the mixture is coordinated to the respective formwork surfaces, e.g. steel framework or absorbent and non-absorbent timbering. Also, the use of separating agents maintains and protects the formwork and/or formwork skin so that cost-intensive re-occupation of the formwork with the formwork skin can be reduced. To meet the highest requirements for fair-faced concrete (exposed concrete classes 3 and 4), it is recommended thata test surface is recommended in consulation with contractors and concrete suppliers.

Concrete release agents

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Article No. 111710

Sprayable, universal release agent based on mineral oils

Article No. 112710

Sprayable, universal release agent based on plant oils

Article No. 110830

Biodegradable release concentrate

Article No. 112130

Brush-on concrete release agent