Our products

Standard products and made-to-measure special solutions for individual requirements

For decades, Remmers Industrielacke has supplied solvent-based materials for industrial painting of wood - from very fast-drying lacquers for normal loads through to

Our UV paints can be hardened with ultraviolet light in fractions of seconds. They can be formulated with solids of up to 100% and therefore represent a extremely

A mature and reliable range of stains is essential in modern furniture production that uses various colours and application methods.

Environmentally-friendly, natural look, low emission values, low-VOC, Deco-Paint-compliant that can be used universally for many application areas in the industrial

Special solutions

Remmers Industrielacke offers a wide bandwidth with respect to design and functionality. Here are some examples for special solutions from our company:

Fluorescent lacquers:
Surfaces shine in various colours from orange to blue or shine under black light

Anti-fingerprint lacquer:
Combination of effect and functionality

Special glass painting

Classic constructions of the lacquer film with extraordinary mechanical resistance as a one-coat paint system

Low-flammable systems pursuant to DIN 4102 Fire class B1, IMO (suitable for ship interior finishing), DIN EN 13501-1

Oils with a high percentage of renewable raw materials and thanks to acrylated linseed oil derivatives UV-dried