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Efflorescence has become a more frequent occurrence on new brick façades in recent years. This is the result of an excessively high level of moisture absorption in the masonry during the construction phrase during which the brickwork cannot always dry quickly after the mortar has been applied and therefore the lime content in the mortar cannot set.

The joints on a building have a technical function and can make up to 20 % of the overall façade. However, the shape and colour of the joints can also have a decisive impact on the appearance of the façade.

Thanks to hydrophobizing impregnation, the capillary water absorption of a façade through rain and splashwater is significantly reduced. The water repelling, hydrophobic treatment is therefore a sensible damage-preventing and/or supplementary measure.

new build construction

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Article No. 067505

Acidic cleaner

Article No. 067201

Acidic cleaner

Article No. 071101

Hydrophobising impregnation in cream form on a silane base

Article No. 060201

Clear, hydrophobising, solvent-based impregnation on a silane/siloxane base

Article No. 064105

Clear, hydrophobising impregnation on a silane/siloxane base with odourless solvent

Article No. 060405

Clear, hydrophobising impregnation based on silane/siloxane, specially designed for building materials and connection areas that are sensitive to solvents

Article No. 061405

Hydrophobising impregnation on a silane/siloxane base in aqueous emulsion form

Article No. 102725

Cement-lime jointing mortar for new buildings

Article No. 102225

Trass-lime cement jointing mortar

Article No. 101825

Trass-lime cement jointing mortar, pore hydrophobic

Article No. 070705

Hydrophobic impregnation in cream form