2K-Aqua paints for extreme loads

Uncompromising chemical and scratch resistance

2K-Aqua paints are available for various applications where there are very heavy loads.

For complex applications

Sometimes 2-component products are necessary
Despite the good durability of modern 1K-Aqua paints there are situations in which two-component coating systems are the right choice! They stand out thanks to their uncompromising chemical and scratch resistance. Be it as multi-level paints for very matt surfaces or as a top coat for high-gloss paints, you are on the safe side with 2K-Aqua paints by Remmers.

For furniture surfaces subject to heavy wear
Kitchen work surfaces or tabletops are exposed to everyday mechanical and chemical loads. Remmers Aqua paints specifically protect the surface from scratches and household chemicals.

High-gloss paintwork
Resistant high-gloss surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms can only be manufactured as two-component products: A polishing process is necessary after full drying to create an optimum high gloss finish; this is only possible with 2K systems.

Natural matt surfaces without any polishing
2K paints have the necessary cross-linking level for heavy loads even in this application field.

2K-Aqua paints for extreme loads

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