Silicone resin paint system

The alternative to moisture

An alternative to structural water resistance by hydrophobizing impregnation is to cover or varnish the surface with Remmers Silicone Resin Paint system. The silicone resin paints are outstanding thanks to their micro-pore structure. This is shown in its characteristic values. A diffusion resistance coefficient of around 150 is reached.

This corresponds to an sd-value that is much lower than 0.10 m. Therefore, they are equivalent to conventional single-component silicate paints. The capillary water uptake of the normal paint layer achieves the low value of 0.035 kg/(m2h0.5). This ensures optimum protection against driving rain that exceeds all silicate paints and most dispersion lacquers.

Benefits of the silicone resin paints and varnishes

  • Highest possible vapour permeability at the lowest capillary water uptake
  • Also, suitable for use on render areas of the Plc mortar class
  • Colours with colour-fast and inorganic pigments are suitable for monuments
  • Easy to apply with a brush and various transparent options
  • Limestone paint
  • No silicification, therefore no risk of narrowing, compression or blocking of the pore space
  • Reversible

Silicone resin paint system

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