Important information to be taken into consideration

Measures for damage caused by mould

Before mould restoration measures are taken, the causes of the mould always need to be clarified and remedied. The measures that need to be taken in the event of damage are differentiated into short-term and long-term measures.

If restoration cannot be commenced immediately, infested areas should be treated / disinfected temporarily without swirling any dust. It is important to observe all protective measures listed in the Bio-Substance Ordnance even for these temporary measures!

It is fundamentally important for successful restoration that the causes of the mould infestation are remedied. On-site construction damage must be remedied and the users of the room must be informed about how mould infestation can be avoided in the future.

What are the causes of mould infestation?

The cause of the mould infestation is usually higher levels of moisture in the respective building material and/or its surface. In addition to ‘moist walls’ that are the result of inadequate driving rain protection or ‘rising’ damp, the cause is often due to insufficient thermal insulation standards in old buildings and simultaneous reduction of air exchange rates as a result of constructive changes. Often, new windows are installed without improving the insulation of the external walls. This can cause the humidity on the wall surface to increase and lead to mould infestation. For this it is not even necessary for condensation to be created - humidity levels of approx. 70 % are sufficient.

Hygiene and occupational safety

In advance of public tenders, the customer must always carry out examinations with respect to the suspected and/or existing biological workplace substances (see Bio-Substance Ordnance - BioStoffV). Wearing time limits for respiratory equipment according to the employers' liability insurance association regulation ‘Use of respiratory equipment’ (BGR 190) must be considered in the construction time plan. Before starting work, we advise contacting the responsible employers' liability insurance association with any questions about health & safety.

General hygiene measures for work with biological workplace substances if there is ‘no special risk’.

  • Manager tasks pursuant to the Industrial Safety Act and Bio-Subst
  • Sequence of protective measures
  • Occupational preventive medical examination