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How much [eco] is in you?

Induline LW-722 [eco] based on renewable raw material

Preserve resources thanks to biomass balancing

Our earth’s resources are limited which is why sustainability is playing an increasingly important role in production. In the new Induline LW-722 [eco] range, Remmers applies the following right at the beginning of the product’s value creation process: The mass balance procedure that combines the company’s standards with respect to sustainability, quality and market-compatible costs.
The following applies: The more litres of Induline LW-722 [eco] produced with the biomass-balanced binding agent that are demanded and produced, the more fossil raw materials are replaced with biomass at the beginning of the production process - the balance therefore always remains balanced. This principle is similar to eco-power; customers influence the future by consciously opting for sustainable products.

The production of a 20 litre canister of Induline LW-722 [eco] saves approx. 4 litres of crude oil compared to a conventional laquer.
The development of Induline LW-722 [eco] represents a further step by Remmers toward a ‘green future’. The use of a biomass-balanced binding agent means that more fossil raw materials remain in the ground for future generations and also plays an active role in reducing greenhouse emissions. Anyone who opts for Induline LW-722 [eco] can not only protect their wood-alu windows, but also saves on global resources and protects our environment.


1,000 litres of Induline LW-722 [eco] save the same amount of kg of CO₂, produced on a flight between Moscow and Paris.
Using a biomass-balanced binding agent instead of a conventional
binding agent, it is possible to save as many kg of CO₂ used on a flight of 2,500 km
for every 1,000 litres of Induline LW-722 [eco]. This is about the distance between
Moscow and Paris (2,488 km).

Induline LW-722 [eco]

The first resource-saving window coating

* Simplified presentation of the multi-level production process of the binding agent and paint production.