The advantages of 1K Aqua varnishes at a glance:

• Easy, error-free handling

• Eco-friendly

• No expensive material waste due to pot life

• 2K-ready: can be further enhanced with Aqua VGA-485

• No complaints due to odour

A dynamic duo

High-performance 1K Aqua varnishes

Single-component, water-based varnishes offer users a wide range of advantages. In many disciplines, they now perform just as well as solvent-based 2K PUR coatings, but are much kinder to the environment and easier to use. Remmers focuses on developing high-performance 1K water-based varnishes for furniture and interior finishing work. Our 1K Aqua varnishes are a particularly good choice for coating stairs, internal doors and parquet flooring.

With their eco-friendly formulation, our varnishes require no additional hardeners or thinners, meaning no wasted material or mixing errors.

Water-based systems are also a safer and more straightforward solution when it comes to disposal.

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An additional component for even greater performance

1K Aqua varnishes now 2K-ready

Selected varnishes are now 2K-ready, which means that they can be enhanced even further with the addition of Aqua VGA-485. This product acts as a second isocyanate-free component and optimises the properties of the varnish. The adhesion on glass is improved, creating a fully functional glass lacquer system.

In future, there will be no mandatory training requirement for this solution – a major advantage, since the use of traditional isocyanates (hardener components) will require the user to undertake regular training from 2022/23 onwards.


High performance 1K-Aqua varnishes

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