Mould prevention

Special mould prevention systems for any application case

Mould inside homes is annoying and can also be potentially harmful, which is why it is important to completely remove all mould. Remmers special mould restoration systems are suitable for all application cases and not only fight existing mould but also prevent new mould infestation. In just one step, the interior is protected against moisture and has additional heat insulation. In this way, Remmers products contribute to long-term improvement of the room hygiene - guaranteed.

Power Protect is a natural product made of modified perlite, a volcanic glass, and is a verifiably responsibly produced product. This is why it bears the ‘Blue Angel’ stamp.

iQ-Therm 30 combines the benefits of highly heat-insulating, organic insulating material, with the absorbent properties of a mineral mortar. iQ-Therm 30 is streamlined, moisture regulating and highly heat-insulating, which makes it our most powerful mould restoration system.

The Mould Restoration Render by Remmers is suitable for single-layer coats that are 20 to 50 mm thick. The hardened render is water vapour permeable, has a good capillary conductivity and accelerates drying of moisture surfaces. It also has heat insulating properties thanks to its low thermal conductivity coefficient.

Color SA plus is not just a forward-thinking problem-solver for rooms infested with mould, the coating is also ideal for all areas where a healthy and hygienic room climate needs to be created (kindergartens, schools, nursing homes and hospitals or care centres).

Mould prevention

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Article No. 040030

WTA-compliant preparatory mortar

Article No. 072505

Aqueous deep primer with strengthening and hydrophobising properties

Article No. 107205

Mineral primer with highly strengthening effect

Article No. 388001

E-glass reinforcement fabric covered with polymeric plastics

Article No. 299005

Solvent-free and plasticiser-free special primer for binding mould spores

Article No. 069384

For cleaning surfaces stained with mildew spots

Article No. 023705

Washable silicate interior wall paint, free from solvents and plasticisers

Article No. 026025

Bedding mortar in the Power Protect [eco] system

Article No. 026301

Insulating board for environmentally sustainable mould control

Article No. 026401

Wedge-shaped insulating board in the Power Protect [eco] system

Article No. 026501

Reveal board in the Power Protect [eco] system

Article No. 105020

Capillary active, climate-regulating plaster, in particular for mould control