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    As Europe's leading supplier of building protection systems, Remmers has extensive knowledge in building maintenance.

Moisture is the cause of almost all types of damage to buildings. That is why the lifespan of a building also depends on whether it is also watertight. This not only applies to roofs and façades, but also to foundations and in particular cellars. Dense and dry walls are therefore one of the most important conditions for the stability of the enitre building.

Professional and sustainable floor coating systems for industrial, commercial and private use is a core competency of Remmers. That is why our range of products and system solutions is extensive and individual.

They say that the façade is the buildings 'face'. It plays a large role in the look and feel of a building, but above all, façades are as diverse and unique as a face. And the care and protection they require are almost just as individual. Cosmetic treatment of the surface is usually not sufficient enough. Only in-depth protection systems, precisely tailored to the existing problems, offers permanent and sustainable protection for every façade.

Without any doubt, monument conservation is the supreme discipline of preserving and maintaining buildings. Whether it is a detailed analysis of the condition of a building on site by Remmers expert advisors or special product solutions for the sustainable protection of buildings - the range offered by Remmers is versatile.

Fungi in homes and buildings are difficult and pose a health hazard. That is why it is important to completely remove fungi. Our special mold remediation systems are suitable for every application and do not only fight fungi, but also prevent new mold growth.

Interior insulation changes the thermal and hygroscopic behavior of existing structures. In addition to condensation problems, the modified drying of the construction must be taken into account.

In our Research & Development department we employ more than 80 professionals, who develop future-oriented, environmentally friendly and sustainable product systems every day. Here you will find an overview of all products in the field of building, floor and wood protection.

Building & flooring protection

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Article No. 181001

Single-component, solvent-free, strengthening silicification concentrate

Article No. 300801

Special primer

Article No. 301408

Multi-functional building waterproofing Combines the properties of flexible and crack-bridging mineral waterproofing slurries (MDS) and bitumen thick coatings (PMBC)

Article No. 2088830

High-grade, crack-bridging, polymer-modified 2K bituminous thick coating with polystyrene

Article No. 2087130

Solvent-free, polymer-modified 2K bituminous thick coating with polystyrene

Article No. 2087210

Solvent-free, polymer-modified 1K bituminous thick coating with polystyrene

Article No. 2087325

Sprayable, solvent-free, polymer-modified bituminous thick coating with rubber granule filler, 1-component

Article No. 081405

Cream-like, solvent-containing protective bitumen coating

Article No. 2082405

Solvent-free bitumen emulsion

Article No. 507101

High-quality, premium sealing tape based on nitrile rubber and coated with non-woven fabric

Article No. 500301

Highly elastic, self-adhesive butyl rubber waterproofing tape on polypropylene non-woven fabric

Article No. 082301

Highly durable, 3-layer protective sheet with decoupling function