Supplementary products

The right solution for every application

In this category you will find additions to the range that are universal in terms of their application or can be used in combination with many wood coatings.

Supplementary products

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Article No. 302481

Algicidal and fungicidal properties for MB 2K, dispersion paints and water-based stains

Article No. 136801

Article No. 326002

Dispersion-based 1K-filler

Article No. 326101

For levelling out uneven areas

Article No. 386805

Highly effective cleaning product for tools and equipment

Article No. 772501

Article No. 377784

Protective agent for end-grain wood on a water base

Article No. 097801

Cleaning and thinning agent

Article No. 738260

Universal alkoxy-cross-linking silicone sealant

Article No. 2737001

Premium acrylic sealant, fast-acting rainproof effect

Article No. 779983

Cleaner for removing silicone residues

Article No. 157115

Clear, universal, high-strength PUR adhesive