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Supplementary products for safety in the system

The best possible level of safety is only achieved when all system components are perfectly tuned to one another. Remmers leaves nothing to chance and is, for instance, the only manufacturer of coating systems for dimensionally stable components that supplies a matching silicone sealant that is produced in-house.

Customer benefits in detail:

  • Systematically developed, tested and proven with the Induline coating systems
  • Additional moisture protection for the sensitive areas of the wood windows: the corner connections


Products for assembly, care & renovation

Optimum assembly and perfect care and renovation

During transport and installation on the construction site, small areas of damage on the paint surface cannot always be avoided. Remmers’ Induline Mix & Go is any easy-to-use repair paint product that can be used to restore the OEM quality of the coating material. Induline coating systems are extremely durable to weathering, however they respond well to occasional care, similar to cars. The Induline care sets for windows & doors can significantly increase the life span of the surfaces. After many years, however, these surfaces will need to be renovated. Remmers coatings can be applied with brushes or rollers and are perfectly matched with respect to the level of shine and colour to refresh surfaces making them look like new.

Customer benefits in detail:

  • Flexible production of repair paints in the matching level of shine & colour with Induline Mix & Go
  • Longer life span of the surfaces thanks to the use of the Induline care set
  • Revitalization coatings in OEM quality

Remmers Induline Perfect Finish

Supplementary products - coating for windows & wood elements

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Article No. 326002

Dispersion-based 1K-filler

Article No. 326101

For levelling out uneven areas

Article No. 348583

Elastic moisture protection for frame connection joints on wooden windows and doors

Article No. 2773201

Acrylic dispersion with special additives, free from plasticisers

Article No. 386805

Highly effective cleaning product for tools and equipment

Article No. 377784

Protective agent for end-grain wood on a water base

Article No. 097801

Cleaning and thinning agent

Article No. 738260

Universal alkoxy-cross-linking silicone sealant

Article No. 715101

Water-based natural effect varnish for dimensionally stable wood building elements with direct or indirect exposure to weather

Article No. 2152960

Alkoxy-crosslinking silicone sealant