Renders that replicate historical materials

Preserves valuable building materials

The use of traditional material and processing methods is one of the basic requirements when restoring listed buildings. As long as no excessive salt or moisture influences are expected, the use of traditional materials through to object-specific replications of the historical recipe is a primary restoration goal.

The Remmers Historic Mortar system allows old mortar compositions to be recreated. This applies to almost all kinds of historical formulations. Be it dry slaked lime mortar, natural cement, classic stone render through to crushed brick concrete from the middle of the 20th century. We mix the products based on analysis that are carried out for each case, and also using our expertise of the last 60 years of active commitment to preservation of monuments. We make our know-how available to anyone seeking to prevent the loss of historical render textures and formulations, and ultimately the loss of historic mortars.

Renders that replicate historical materials

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Article No. 057420

Specially formulated rough cast

Article No. 057525

Specially formulated undercoat render

Article No. 057625

Specially formulated render finishing coat

Article No. 054335

Basic mixture (dry-slaked, cement-free sand/lime mortar) for producing mortars and renders to a historical formulation with the addition of local aggregates

Article No. 049025

Finishing render based on NHL 5

Article No. 049125

Undercoat render based on NHL 5