Professional trade wood coatings

Environmentally friendly, efficient and sustainable

Synergy of experience and know-how in every product

Remmers wood coatings have proven themselves over many years in the wood trade business, in the wood industry and in the area of paint wholesalers.

The wide range of products offers the right products and systems for every wood application indoors and outdoors: from impregnations and primers to medium and thick layer varnishes to weather protection paints and wood finishing systems.
As a leading supplier in the areas:

  • Coatings for timber construction and the pre-fabricated house industry
  • Professional, water-based furniture varnishes
  • Industrial wood window coatings

Remmers guarantees outstanding top quality, which can be experienced with every coating layer. All products are "Made in Germany" and are tested by independent institutes to the highest quality standards.

Impregnation agents

Remmers impregnations protect the wood against discolouring and destructive fungi as well as insect and termite infestation.


Remmers primers ensure the best possible adhesion of subsequent coatings to the substrate. The individual primers perform the appropriate tasks.

3in1 wood protection varnishes

The 3in1 wood protection varnishes from Remmers are a high-quality composition of wood preservative impregnation, primer and varnish in one product.

Medium-build varnishes

Particularly valuable wood components such as profiled wood, garden furniture, but also windows and doors can be protected most effectively with film-forming varnishes from Remmers

High-build varnishes

Dimensionally stable wood building elements must retain this high level of dimensionally. High-build varnishes are still the best way to achieve this.

Weather protection paints, white and coloured varnishes

Highly pigmented weather protection paints and varnishes produced by Remmers are right on trend, and with good reason.

Interior wood finishing

Remmers products for interior wood finishing emphasise the natural beauty of the wood while also preserving the appearance and stability of the material over the long term.

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Complementary products

In this category you will find additions to the assortment that are universal with regard to the area of application or can be used in connection with many wood coatings.

Three technologies for optimal results

Proven classics: solvent-based wood coatings

In 70 years, Remmers has developed into a leading specialist in the field of wood preservation and wood finishing, operating throughout Europe. The focus has been particularly on solvent-based wood preservatives which have repeatedly set new standards.

Latest generation: water-based wood coatings

As an alternative to classic solvent-based products, Remmers has been working particularly intensively on environmentally- friendly, water-based alternatives over the last years. With the completely new developed aqua wood paint range for the trade, Remmers is now going one step further: the products contained in it represent a completely new generation of products, some of which are far superior to classic solvent-based products.

The future: products based on renewable raw materials

Remmers documents that sustainability is not just a buzzword but rather a symbol of responsibility for the environment, healthy living and quality of life with its new low-emission [eco] products based on renewable raw materials. Whether for wood indoors or outdoors, [eco] stands for low-emission and ecologically brilliant solutions.

Professional trade wood coatings

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Article No. 302481

Algicidal and fungicidal properties for MB 2K, dispersion paints and water-based stains

Article No. 710001

Solvent-based, premium wood protection stain with increased efficacy for professional use

Article No. 712001

Water-based, quick-drying premium wood stain for professional use

Article No. 714603

Special primer for lightening weathered and discoloured wood

Article No. 713001

Decorative, water-based medium-solid gel stain with very high UV protection for universal use on interior and exterior wood

Article No. 721001

Water-based high-build stain with very good levelling properties for windows, doors and other high-value wood elements

Article No. 264003

Special cleaner for weathered outdoor wooden decking with decorative coatings

Article No. 714701

Adhesive primer for metals, rigid plastics and wood, with rust protection and sealing action against substances contained in wood

Article No. 714501

Liquid, water-based wood preservative with preventive action against blue stain, soft rot, insects and termites

Article No. 1510401

Water-based topcoat for windows, doors and other high-value wood elements

Article No. 709001

Water-based, all-in-one coating system with an isolating effect for high-value wooden structures

Article No. 715003

Adhesive primer for metals, rigid plastics and wood, protects against rust and seals off substances in the wood

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