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Environmentally-friendly, natural-looking and low emission values

Environmentally-friendly, natural look, low emission values, low-VOC, Deco-Paint-compliant that can be used universally for many application areas in the industrial wood painting sector - these are attributes that accurately describe Remmers Industrielacke high-quality hydro-lacquers.

With respect to the implementation of the European VOC Directive, many companies in the industrial wood painting sector face the challenge of continuously rethinking coating systems, procedures & processes.

The most important features of our hydro-lacquers:

  • Very low solvent level
  • Low emission values (TA Air-compliant systems)
  • Low-VOC (Deco-Paint-compliant systems)
  • Universal application areas

Product portfolio

1K-water based varnishes can be used universally and are fast drying.

2K-water based varnishes not only meet strict standards with respect to chemical and mechanical resistance, like hydro-UV-lacquers that also stand out thanks to fast drying times and therefore very short processes. Our portfolio includes colourless and coloured lacquers, from dull to high-gloss - to meet customer specifications.

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Areas of application

Hydro-lacquers can be used in almost all industrial wood painting areas. Remmers industrial lacquers come in various grades to realised individual customer wishes.

Our hydro-lacquers are used for:

  • Surfaces that need to satisfy very high chemical and mechanical resistance levels demands
  • Living room and bedroom furniture
  • Kitchen
  • Office and laboratory furniture
  • Doors
  • Parquet and stair painting
  • Special glass subsurfaces

  • Hydro-fillers - white and coloured
  • 1K-Hydro-roller primers - white and coloured
  • 1K-Hydro-roller primers - highly flexible, colourless, white and coloured
  • Print inks - white and coloured

  • 1K-Hydro-primers - colourless, white and coloured
  • 1K-Hydro-fillers - white and coloured
  • 1K-Hydro-multi-layer lacquers - colourless, dull matt to glossy
  • 1K-Hydro-opaque lacquers - white and coloured
  • 1K-Hydro-texture varnishes - white and coloured, fine to coarse, round to sharp-edged
  • 1K-Hydro-Stair and Parquet Varnishes - colourless, matt to glossy
  • 1K-Hydro-glass lacquers - structured and smooth, white and coloured, matt to glossy

  • 2K-Hydro-primers - colourless
  • 2K-Hydro-primers - colourless, white and coloured
  • 2K-Hydro-fillers - white and coloured
  • 2K-Hydro-multi-layer lacquers - colourless, dull matt to glossy
  • 2K-Hydro-opaque lacquers - white and coloured
  • 2K-Hydro-texture varnishes - white and coloured, fine to coarse, round to sharp-edged
  • 2K-Hydro-texture varnishes - structured and smooth, white and coloured, matt to glossy
  • 2K-Hydro-high gloss finishes - colourless, white and coloured

  • 1K-Hydro-UV primers - colourless, white and coloured
  • 2K-Hydro-UV primers - white and coloured
  • 1K-Hydro-UV fillers - white and coloured
  • 2K-Hydro-UV fillers - white and coloured
  • Hydro-UV multi-layer lacquers - colourless, matt to glossy
  • 1K-Hydro-UV opaque lacquers - white and coloured, matt to glossy
  • 2K-Hydro-UV opaque lacquers - white and coloured, matt to glossy
  • Hydro-UV stair lacquers - colourless, matt to glossy

2K-hydro-film lacquers

  • acid hardening
  • matt to glossy
  • low_in_formaldehyde

The film lacquers by Remmers Industrielacke are eco-efficient, specially developed watery coating systems for the coating on extremely fast painting systems. They are suitable for subsequently impregnated and pre-impregnated paper films. The coated papers are used for furniture in living rooms and bedrooms, e.g. shelves or wardrobes.

The environmentally-friendly, water-thinnable film lacquers by Remmers Industrielacke stand out thanks to their good resistance to scratching, high resistance to normal household agents and a high level of solids.

The use of these special components means a very low formaldehyde emission from the hardened lacquer coat (E1).

Properties of hydro-lacquers

Hydro lacquers and/or water-based lacquers stand out thanks to the following properties:

They have a very low-solvent content and are therefore highly environmentally-friendly, have low emission values (TA Air-compliant systems), are low-VOC (Deco-Paint-compliant systems) and are still suitable for universal application areas.

Special aspects of hydro-lacquers

  • Compared to solvent lacquers, more drying energy is required for hydro-lacquers.
  • Forced air drying of any kind is possible.
  • Defined drying parameters are required for product safety.
  • In addition to the air temperature, humidity and air velocity, the substrate temperature and wood moisture also play an important role
  • The lacquer and substrate temperature should not be < 15 °C (risk: wetting and drying problems)

Important: The processing guidelines for each lacquer must be observed strictly. The respective technical code of practice for the lacquer contains information about the application quantities per m2, drying times and temperatures of lacquer and the environment.


News in the hydro-lacquers

Our development division has also been able to add interesting qualities to the existing extensive portfolio:

1K-Hydro-multi-layer lacquer "H1044": colourless lacquer for high-quality furniture and furniture subject to intensive use

Hydro-UV multi-layer lacquer "H2031": Renewable raw material-based furniture lacquer

1K-Hydro-UV opaque lacquer "H2100": for scratch-resistant surfaces subject to high loads

2K-Hydro-UV opaque lacquer "H3817A": highly opaque lacquer for fast and rational production of fronts

  • 1K-Hydro-multi-layer lacquer “H1044”
  • Hydro-UV multi-layer lacquer "H2031"
  • 1K-Hydro-UV opaque lacquer “H2100”
  • 2K-Hydro-UV opaque lacquer “H3817A”