Joint mortar tailored to the stone

Joints in buildings assume a number of functions and therefore need to demonstrate a variety of different properties to meet the respective requirements.

This not only applies to the optical, but also to the physical, mechanical and in particular the moisture-related properties.

An intact joint network is a prerequisite for ensuring that the façade is resistant to driving rain. Penetrating moisture leads to a heavier frost load and a reduction in the thermal protection - both need to be adapted to the existing building substance and avoided. Remmers Joint Mortars comprises of a wide range of binding agent systems, grains and strengths, and selection options with respect to colour and capillary-braking properties. They can be selected to meet the individual application areas, situations and requirements at any time.


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Article No. 106525

Cement-lime restoration jointing mortar

Article No. 102225

Trass-lime cement jointing mortar

Article No. 104625

Cement-free jointing mortar

Article No. 035003

2-Component mineral jointing mortar with epoxy resin

Article No. 057325

Specially formulated jointing mortar

Article No. 056405

Mineral surface filler and fine render based on natural cement

Article No. 054335

Basic mixture (dry-slaked, cement-free sand/lime mortar) for producing mortars and renders to a historical formulation with the addition of local aggregates