SL Floor WHG AS 01 / 001-1

Conductive, coloured flow coating system with good resistance to chemicals, approved under the German Federal Water Act (WHG)

SL Floor WHG AS 01 / 001-1

Conductive WHG-compliant coating


  • Conductive
  • Surface can be made slip-resistant
  • Crack-bridging


  • Potentially explosive atmospheres
  • Collecting basins
  • Storage areas

Test certificates*

  • Fire class Bfl-s1
  • Slip resistance R 9
  • Slip resistance R 10
  • Slip resistance R 12 / V 8
  • Chemical resistance list
  • Emissions test
  • General building inspectorate approval
  • Crack bridging test
  • Trafficability test

* For more detailed information, please refer to the applicable Technical Data Sheet/system configurations and the applicable test certificate. Test certificates may only apply to a specific product, meaning that the above-mentioned system is not necessarily part of the certified scope. Different R classes can be achieved by changing the seal coat and blinding material.

SL Floor WHG AS 01 / 001-1

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