Interior wood finishing

The natural material, wood, with living comfort

Ecological products play a central role, especially indoors. In particular, Remmers [eco] products are marked with renowned quality seals. This documents that the coatings are particularly low-emission and safe for humans and the environment.

Wood is second to none when it comes to creating a sense of well-being. This is not only due to its wonderful appearance, but also because of its positive physical properties. Whilst exterior wood elements need to be protected against wind, weather and pest infestation, the requirements are different for wood used inside. Dirt and mechanical loads can severely stress wood surfaces. In particular, parquet flooring and wooden stairs require a special protective coating, because they are subject to people walking on them every day. Remmers’ products in the interior wood category not only bring out the beauty of the wood, but also maintains the attractiveness and stability of the basic material in the long term. These coatings contribute to healthy living atmospheres, they repel dirt and water, and are also resistant to mechanical loads; as well as also being resistant to conventional household chemicals.

Interior wood finishing

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Article No. 240001

Wax stain made from natural resin and linseed oil

Article No. 239001

Water-based sealing varnish for application with paintbrush and roller

Article No. 768383

Slip-resistant, texture-accentuating finish for interior wood

Article No. 769783

Durable, dirt-repelling finish for interior wood

Article No. 769901

Care product for oiled and waxed wooden floors

Article No. 069583

Hard wax oil made from natural oils