Planning & dimensioning

Interior insulation as an alternative or supplement to retrofitting exterior insulation and/or core insulation

Inside insulation is an alternative or supplement to retrofitting outside insulation and/or core insulation. Whilst in these systems the supporting masonry lies on the warm side of the insulation, which means it is usually physically uncritical, the potential or risk of condensation should always be taken into account.

Interior insulation should not be installed without expert planning because the hygrothermic behaviour of the existing building is significantly changed by the interior insulation. Serious manufacturers of interior insulation systems provide the relevant indicators and material functions for the advance planning and/or simulation work.

When iQ-Therm insulation is installed, almost all the heating energy remains inside the closed living space and only a small quantity is lost through the walls. This leads to significant heating cost savings. Thanks to the combination of various physical properties, the use of iQ-Therm rules out moisture and thermal problems from the outset.