Old and historic buildings

Brickwork façades as good as new - value retention in a system

Bricks are one of the oldest known building materials used by man. However, a brick façade does not just comprise of bricks but also the joints inbetween. High moisture absorption levels of both or one of the two building materials are usually the starting point for damage. The Remmers protection system ensures permanent protection against penetrating moisture and guarantees optimum durability.

Rendered façades

Rendered façades is one of the most common façade variants. The reason for this is the variety of colour and form they allow. The traditional mortar renders for façades are lime-cement renders. In addition, there are heat insulation renders that are made of a heat-insulating undercoat and a water repelling mineralogical top render. They are applied to solid walls with an average thickness and combine good insulation with specific physical properties.

In contrast to bricks or modern building materials, natural stone not only differs with respect to its shape, colour and surface quality, the physical and chemical properties are also very different. It is therefore especially important to preserve the original material and carefully select the newly installed repair materials to preserve the substance for the long-term. Across the world, Remmers stone strengtheners are used to secure historically valuable cultural assets.

Old and historic buildings

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Mortar improver based on an aqueous polymer dispersion

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Liquid preservative concentrate for preventing dry rot in masonry work

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WTA-compliant preparatory mortar

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Salt-retaining, WTA-compliant pore undercoat render in the restoration render system for masonry exposed to moisture and salt

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Mineral fine render

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Acidic cleaner

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Acidic cleaner

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Surfactant solution for removing grime, dirt incrustation, dust, oil and grease deposits

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Cleaning paste for removing urban dirt

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