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Deck OS 11a - II

Coating with elevated dynamic crack-bridging ability for surfaces subjected to foot and wheel traffic according to DIN EN 1504-2 and DAfStb

Deck OS 11a - II

Crack-bridging coating for exposed outdoor surfaces


  • Protects against substances that damage concrete and steel
  • Resistant to mechanical stresses
  • UV-stable


  • Exposed outdoor surfaces of car parks with superficial and/or separation cracks and planned mechanical stresses
*For further details, please refer to the applicable Technical Data Sheet/the approval/system configuration in the test certificate.

Deck OS 11a - II

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Article No. 122413

Pigmented primer and base layer

Article No. 618611

Pigmented roll-on coating or topcoat

Article No. 440625

Article No. 605530

Pigmented topcoat for OS 11 systems

Article No. 605631

Flexible wearing layer

Article No. 606210

Solvent-based adhesion promoter

Article No. 682626

Intermediate or wearing layer