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Article No. 380201

Fire-resistant, light-fast, durable 1K colour varnish

Article No. 531005

Transparent, single-component finish with high durability

Article No. 325684

Improves the resistance and adhesion to glass of selected 1K Aqua lacquers

Article No. 180101

Flame-resistant, light-fast, two-component colour varnish with excellent hiding power

Article No. 194601

Additive for improving the adhesion of PUR lacquers on glass

Article No. 197501

Lightfast isocyanate for hardening PUR varnishes

Article No. 200505

Low-flammability 2K finish, especially suited to use in public facilities

Article No. 197205

Highly scratch resistant, full-build, two-component finish

Article No. 185720

Fast-drying, two-component finish with a long pot life

Article No. 194201

Additive for producing textured coatings