Systems for agricultural areas

Protection and repair systems for agricultural operations

The future is in the ground

The connection between nature, animals and technology or renewable raw materials is a combination that is deeply rooted in the agricultural sector today. Supplying consumers with high-quality food or services is the responsibility of those who carry out this profession.

To ensure the optimum efficiency of the agricultural operations, we offer you adapted protection and sealing systems for new buildings and restoration. Down times and loss of income are reduced to a minimum.

Modern agriculture has been developed by and for generations - our system solutions guarantee modern agriculture security, efficiency and success for generations to come.

Systems for agricultural areas

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Article No. 5590

Crack-bridging protective coating

Article No. 0936

Fast primer for slightly moist substrates

Article No. 2929

Primer underneath Acryl Color ZL for mineral substrates

Article No. 2920

Environmentally compatible, water-dilutable coloured coating

Article No. 6001

Pigmented, water-based primer

Article No. 6380

Water-based, pigmented, silk-gloss sealant

Article No. 6191

Pigmented roll-on coating or topcoat

Article No. 4407

Fire-dried quartz mix

Article No. 1295

Accelerator for epoxy resins

Article No. 6751

Filler mixture with a special aggregate grading curve

Article No. 6545

Protective coating