• Stuckmörtel GF

    Article No. 052125

    Stucco GF

    Quick hardening casting mortar for producing stucco elements

    Colour: light grey | 0521
    Size / Quantity

    Product specifications

    On delivery

    Compressive strength (28 d) Approx. 5.0 N/mm² (M5)
    Capillary water absorption w24 > 1.0 kg/m²
    Particle size < 1.5 mm
    Bulk density Approx. 1.25 kg/dm³
    Water requirement Approx. 7.5 l / 25 kg
    Water vapour diffusion resistance µ < 18

    The stated values represent typical product characteristics and are not to be construed as binding product specifications.

    Field of application

    • For use indoors and outdoors
    • On-site production of stucco elements by pouring


    • Fast curing
    • Grain size: < 1.5 mm
    • µ value: < 18
    • Compressive strength: ~ 5.0 N/mm²
    • Preparation
      • Substrate requirements

        The mould must be clean and free of dust.

    • Application
      • Application temperature: min. 5 °C max. 30 °C
      • Curtain coating
      • Allow the mortar to flow slowly and evenly into the mould.

        Depending on its shape and size, the stucco element can be de-moulded and finished after approx. 3 hours.


    • Application instructions
      • Once it has hardened, mortar must not be made workable again by adding either water or more wet mortar.

        Wet elements should be protected from frost and rain for at least 4 days to allow them to set quickly.

        Hairline/shrinkage cracks are safe and are not cause for complaint as they do not impair the properties of the mortar.

        If the elements are particularly long, they must be reinforced in order to prevent breakage.

    • Working tools / cleaning
      • Curtain coating
      • Mixer, smoothing trowel, trowel

      • Clean tools and equipment with water before the mortar sets.

    • Storage / shelf life
      • Protect form moisture
      • Shelf-life 12 months
      • If stored in an unopened container and in a dry place, the product will keep for approx. 12 months.

    • Usage
      • 1.1 kg / l void
      • Approx. 1.1 kg/l void

      • Apply to a large enough trial area to determine the precise amount required.

    • General information
      • The mixing water must be of drinking water quality.

        Low chromate content in accordance with Directive 2003/53/EC.

        Always set up a trial area/trial areas first.

        The characteristic data of the product were calculated under laboratory conditions at 20°C and 65% relative humidity.

        Current regulations and legal requirements must be taken into account and deviations from these must be agreed separately.

    • Disposal instructions
      • Larger quantities of leftover product should be disposed of in the original containers in accordance with the applicable regulations. Completely empty, clean containers should be recycled. Do not dispose of together with household waste. Do not allow to enter the sewage system. Do not empty into drains.

    • Safety / regulations
      • For further information on the safety aspects of transporting, storing and handling the product and on disposal and environmental matters, please see the current Safety Data Sheet.