• Framework paste

    Article No. 112130

    Formwork Paste

    Brush-on concrete release agent

    1121 | Formwork Paste
    Size / Quantity

    Product specifications

    On delivery

    Density (20°C) 0.83 g/cm³
    Colour Whitish
    Flash point > 60
    Consistency Paste-like

    The stated values represent typical product characteristics and are not to be construed as binding product specifications.

    Field of application

    • For use indoors and outdoors
    • Non-asborbent formwork
    • For use in prefabricated components


    • Universal use with a wide range of formworks
    • Excellent release action, weather-resistant and non-damaging to the formwork
    • Spreadable
    • Preparation
      • Substrate requirements

        Clean any dirt or wax off the formwork.

      • Preparations

        Before using new wooden formwork for the first time, coat with a sufficient quantity of cement paste. Brush off the next day and treat with release agent.

    • Application
      • Application temperature: min. 5 °C max. 30 °C
      • By brush 1x
      • Apply standing
      • Ready to use, straight from the container.

        Apply a thin layer of the material.

        Do not let excess material build up on the surface.

    • Working tools / cleaning
      • By brush 1x
      • Apply standing
      • Short-bristled broom, flat brush, rubber scraper, cloth

        Clean tools immediately after use with V 101 Thinner.

    • Storage / shelf life
      • Store frost-free and cool / protect for moisture / close containers
      • Shelf-life 24 months
      • If stored unopened in its original container in a cool, dry place and protected against frost, the product will keep for at least 24 months.

    • Usage
      • Depending on the application / m²
      • Non-absorbent formwork: approx. 1 l / 30 - 50 m²

    • General information
      • Remove all material residue from the concrete surface before applying any coatings.

        Current regulations and legal requirements must be taken into account and deviations from these must be agreed separately.

    • Disposal instructions
      • Larger quantities of leftover product should be disposed of in the original containers in accordance with the applicable regulations. Completely empty, clean containers should be recycled. Do not dispose of together with household waste. Do not allow to enter the sewage system. Do not empty into drains.

    • Safety / regulations
      • For further information on the safety aspects of transporting, storing and handling the product and on disposal and environmental matters, please see the current Safety Data Sheet.