Article No. 495401

    Funcosil Test-Set

    4954 | Funcosil Test-Set
    Size / Quantity

    Product specifications

    The stated values represent typical product characteristics and are not to be construed as binding product specifications.

    Field of application

    • Non-destructive testing of water absorption/time unit
    • Checking the effectiveness of hydrophobising agents
    • Can be used to estimate the water absorption coefficient according to DIN EN 772-11


    • Contents:
      4 x Funcosil test tubes
      1 x Funcosil test plate
      1 x digital stopwatch
      1 x sprayer (polyethylene)
      1 x palette knife (width 30 mm)
      1 x butyl rubber (fixing)
    • Preparation
      • Substrate requirements

        Clean and dry the bonding surfaces of the Funcosil test tube/test plate.
        Remove any substances that could impair adhesion from the surface of the building material being tested.

      • Preparations

        Fix the test tube or test plate in position by placing butyl rubber between the contact surface of the tube and the surface of the building material.

    • Application
      • Conducting the measurement
        - Fill the test tube with tap water up to the top graduation mark.
        - Use the stopwatch to measure the amount of water that penetrates the building material in a period of e.g. 30 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 and 15 minutes, and record the results.
        - When a fill level of 3 ml is reached, refill the test tube. Record this water volume.
        - Once the test is complete, carefully detach the test tube from the base using a filling knife.


        Refilling the test tube
        When the level reaches 3 ml, refill the stand tube.

        Record this amount of water.

        After completion of the test, carefully remove the test tube from the substrate with a trowel.


        For detailed information regarding the application, please refer to the data sheet "Implementation Instructions".

    • Safety / regulations
      • For further information on the safety aspects of transporting, storing and handling the product and on disposal and environmental matters, please see the current Safety Data Sheet.