Universal primers

Powerful primers for a variety of substrates


Your advantages at a glance:

  • Excellent adhesion to the substrate
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Insulating against wood ingredients
  • Can be overcoated with many products (see system products)
  • For PVC, zinc, steel, and other substrates

The perfect primer for every substrate

For years, Remmers has been known for coatings of high quality.

Professionals can already find almost everything they need in the product range. In order to be able to offer the applicator an efficient and compact assortment for a multitude of substrates, we are flad to offer universally applicable primers.

The multi functional primers can be used for example as metal primer, PVC primer or aluminium primer as well as for a variety of other substrates.


Excellent adhesion on any substrate

Part of our universal primer family are: AG-20, Aqua AG-26 and Aqua AG-28-2K.

These three products, with excellent adhesion properties, complement the already broad range of products for application on various surfaces. For example, metal substrates such as steel, aluminium, copper, but also hard plastics, plastics, PVC, tiles, ceramics and glass can be processed.

Multi-functional products - various applications

The three multi-functional experts speed up work processes and, based on their specific properties and skills, can be used almost anywhere indoors and outdoors - they have excellent adhesion properties and dry very well.

The products can be painted, sprayed and rolled. If a coating must turn out really good, not only the know-how of the specialist is required, but also the optimal and perfect pre-treatment of the substrate. Our universal primers are available in various container sizes and several colours in order to keep the level of complexity of the subsequent coating as low as possible.


This product is ideal as a primer and intermediate coating for interior and exterior use. Metal substrates such as galvanised steel, aluminium, copper or brass surfaces can be prepared with the water-based primer including a corrosion protection. Substrates such as PVC can also be optimally prepared for a final coat with Aqua AG-26-Universal primer. Due to its insulating effect against wood ingredients, the universal primer can also be applied to wooden substrates without any problems. The water-based Allgrund can be overcoated after only 6 hours and thus allows several coating layers in one day.

The 2-component adhesive primer is the perfect solution for substrates that require a special primer. Critical substrates such as tiles, ceramics or even glass can be primed accordingly with the Aqua AG-28-2K-Universal Primer and create an optimal substrate for the final coat. In addition to its corrosion protection for substrates such as (galvanised) steel, aluminium, copper or brass and its insulating effect against wood ingredients, the 2-component primer can be reworked with a variety of final coatings.

The product can be used as primer and intermediate coating outdoors. For priming, it can be used on all dimensionally stable wood building elements. It adheres optimally to metallic substrates and protects the surface from corrosion. The primer is solvent-based and its film preservative protects against microbial damage. On exotic woods and woods rich in ingredients, such as bangkirai, moabi, massaranduba, kasai, kambala, framire, hevea, sapeli, sipo, meranti, oak or ash tree, the AG-20 All Primer can be used to isolate the ingredients and, at the same time, offers optimal conditions for a final coat.

Information on the perfect substrate preparation

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