Building & flooring protection

Waterproofing & Damp-proofing

Moisture is the cause of almost all types of damage to buildings. That is why the lifespan of a building also depends on whether it is also watertight. This not only applies to roofs and façades, but also to foundations and in particular cellars. Dense and dry walls are therefore one of the most important conditions for the stability of the enitre building.

Steel rolls

Resin Flooring Systems

Professional and sustainable floor coating systems for industrial, commercial and private use is a core competency of Remmers. That is why our range of products and system solutions is extensive and individual.

Monument Conservation

Without any doubt, monument conservation is the supreme discipline of preserving and maintaining buildings. Whether it is a detailed analysis of the condition of a building on site by Remmers expert advisors or special product solutions for the sustainable protection of buildings - the range offered by Remmers is versatile.

Wood paints and stains - for interior and exterior use

Paint man wood

Wood coatings

Long-term tested stains, primers, weather-protection paints, laquers and oils for use on interior and exterior wood - for application by brush or roller.

Wood paints & stains

Product systems for DIY and standard wood refinement for indoor applications - in particular the spray applications. High-resistance, solvent-based PUR laquers, environmentally appropriate, high-performance Aqua laquers, oils & waxes, and specially designed stains for colouring.

Coatings for windows & doors made of wood

Windows and house doors made of wood are still popular today. Remmers coating systems ensure that they stay this way. The forward-thinking innovations of the Induline Premium Coatings keep wooden windows and house doors eternally young.