Coating systems for not & limited dimensionally accurate wood components

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Article No. 328463

Article No. 304003

Water-based all-in-one coating system for high-grade exterior timber constructions

Article No. 248105

Water-based, insulating low-build lacquer for primer, intermediate and finishing coat

Article No. 266420

Water-based, opaque one-pot coating system for indoor and outdoor wood – reaction to fire tested according to DIN EN 13501-1

Article No. 390420

Water-based, opaque all-in-one coating system with film protection for vacuum processing

Article No. 248063

Water-based, white primer for wood building elements with limited or no dimensional stability

Article No. 247868

Water-based, white sealing primer and intermediate coating for wood building elements with no or limited dimensional stability

Article No. 338403

Water-based coating with blue stain protection for use on exterior wood

Article No. 334461

Water-based coating for interior and exterior wood, for dipping and flow coating and for industrial series production

Article No. 398720

Water-based low-build stain for interior and exterior wood

Article No. 349320

Water-based UV protection varnish with protective film for exterior wood

Article No. 349720

Water-based UV protection finish with indoor air cleaning action for interior wood