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Article No. 2372

Abrasion-resistant 1K finish with a high solids content

Article No. 2369

Special primer for parquet and wooden flooring, minimises unwanted adhesion

Article No. 2410

Cleaning agent for sealed wooden floors

Article No. 1939

Retarder for improving flow properties

Article No. 1941

Highly matt, two-component PUR lacquer with anti-fingerprint effect – including on dark wood

Article No. 1957

Two-component finish for natural wood effects on light and dark wood

Article No. 1958

Two-component spray filler/sealing filler for opaque surfaces

Article No. 1935

Moderately fast-acting thinner for adjusting paint: flow optimisation and fast drying

Article No. 1955

Rapid thinning and fast cleaning of tools

Article No. 1962

Flame-resistant, two-component finish especially suited to public buildings

Article No. 1961

Light-fast, two-component topcoat for flame-resistant high gloss coatings

Article No. 2030

Water-based, universal coloured stain

Article No. 1942

Additive for producing textured coatings

Article No. 1975

Isocyanate for hardening PUR varnishes

Article No. 1947

Article No. 1571

Clear, universal, high-strength PUR adhesive