Opaque paints for exterior and interior

With very high durability

Very valuable wood components, like profiled wood, garden furniture, and windows & doors can be protected most effectively with weather protection paints. The creative options afforded by the opaque coatings for wood and other subsurfaces, both indoors and outdoors, are almost unlimited.

High-pigment weather protection paints by Remmers are enjoying great popularity. And there are good reasons for this: thanks to their excellent protection function, very long renovation intervals can often be achieved. Depending on the colour and weathering situation, a follow-up coating may only be necessary after a period of 10 years. And because the surfaces are highly resistant to dirt, regular cleaning is also kept to a minimum. Despite the good coverage, the opaque protective coatings by Remmers allow the wood to ‘breathe’ so that any moisture inside the wood can escape again quickly. Also, the appearance of an opaque wood coating is an eye-catcher: be it a Scandinavian finish, trendy grey tones or classic white, or even a combination of these.

Opaque paints for exterior and interior

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Article No. 344001

Water-based special coating to prevent bleeding of substances in wood

Article No. 542001

Adhesive primer for metals, rigid PVC & wood that protects against rust and seals off substances in the wood

Article No. 360001

Highly opaque, water-based weather protection paint

Article No. 765101

Water-based opaque finish made from renewable raw materials for use on interior and exterior wood

Article No. 270501

Solvent-based, opaquely pigmented alkyd resin coating for primer, intermediate and finishing coats

Article No. 131701

Primer and finish with corrosion protection: direct application onto iron, steel & wood

Article No. 774401

Water-based, opaque sealing varnish for use as primer, intermediate and final coating for wood and other substrates