Wood is a sustainable raw material that is used in modern timber constructions and for building elements. Due to the wide variety of application areas, completely different product systems are required to protect and finish the wood. Remmers has an extensive full range that leaves nothing to be desired.

Long-term tested stains, primers, weather-protection paints, laquers and oils for use on interior and exterior wood - for application by brush or roller.

Product systems for DIY and standard wood refinement for indoor applications - in particular the spray applications. High-resistance, solvent-based PUR laquers, environmentally appropriate, high-performance Aqua laquers, oils & waxes, and specially designed stains for colouring.

From past experience, we know how complex construction problems can be, even with respect to wood preservation and fire protection, and that these need individual solutions. Our broad range of quality products opens up a wealth of opportunities to you. Just ask us, if you are looking for an optimum solution.

We employ more than 80 experts in our research & development departments who develop forward-thinking, environmentally-compatible and resource-friendly product systems. Here is an overview of all products from the wooden paints & laquers range.

Wood paints and stains

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Article No. 2714

Wood preservative primer in cream form for softwood

Article No. 2250

Solvent-based premium wood preservative stain with excellent moisture protection for exterior wood

Article No. 3024

Algicidal and fungicidal properties for MB 2K, dispersion paints and water-based stains

Article No. 2257

Decorative, solvent-based premium grey stain for exterior use

Article No. 7100

Solvent-based, premium wood protection stain with increased efficacy for professional use

Article No. 2234

Decorative, solvent-based medium-solid stain with very high UV protection, universal for exterior wood

Article No. 2652

Solvent-based, decorative oil for wooden decking & garden furniture

Article No. 2087

Solvent-based oil for terraces, fences and other building elements made of WPC, Resysta and bamboo

Article No. 7120

Water-based, quick-drying premium wood stain for professional use

Article No. 1504

Special primer for lightening weathered and greyed woods

Article No. 7146

Special primer for lightening weathered and discoloured wood

Article No. 7670

Water-based stain made from renewable raw materials for use on interior and exterior wood

Article No. 7130

Decorative, water-based medium-solid gel stain with very high UV protection for universal use on wood indoors and outdoors

Article No. 2400

Wax stain made from natural resin and linseed oil

Article No. 7220

Water-based high-build stain with very good levelling properties for windows, doors and other high-value wood elements

Article No. 7690

Water-emulsified oil made from renewable materials for wood terraces and garden furniture

Article No. 7696

Water-emulsified oil made from renewable raw materials for a pre-greying effect on wood

Article No. 2640

Special cleaner for weathered outdoor wooden decking with decorative coatings.