Wood protection products A - Z

The range of Remmers products and components at a glance.

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0000321001 AQUA KWP 841

Water-based pigment preparation for creating decorative effects on wood

Article No. 3210


AG-20 All-Purpose Primer

Adhesive primer for metals, rigid plastics and wood, protects against rust and seals off substances in the wood

Article No. 7150


Stripping agent and graffiti remover

Article No. 1368

Adolit BSS 1

Water-soluble, boron-free fire retardant for wood impregnation

Article No. 2160


picture Care Set for Doors tif

For painted and stained front doors

Article No. 2746


Epoxy Wood Strengthener

2K solvent-free wood strengthener on an epoxy resin base

Article No. 3161

Epoxy Wood Substitution Compound

Two-component, solvent-free levelling compound

Article No. 3162


Finishing Paint

Highly opaque, water-based weather protection paint

Article No. 3600


Green Growth Remover

Special detergent for removing green growth on terraces, stone floors and walls

Article No. 0676


HK Stain

Solvent-based premium wood preservative stain with excellent moisture protection for exterior wood

Article No. 2250

Decorative, solvent-based premium grey stain for exterior use

Article No. 2257

HSL-30/m Premium Wood Protection Stain 3in1

Solvent-based, premium wood protection stain with increased efficacy for professional use

Article No. 7100


IG-10 Impregnation Primer IT

Liquid wood preservative on a solvent base with preventive efficacy against blue stain, soft rot, insects and termites

Article No. 7144

Induline 2K-Spachtel

For levelling out uneven areas

Article No. 3261

Induline AF-920 Acrylic Joint Protection HS

Acrylic dispersion with special additives, free from solvents and plasticisers

Article No. 7732


Decorative, solvent-based medium-solid stain with very high UV protection, universal for exterior wood

Article No. 2234


Decorative, solvent-based medium build stain with very high UV protection and film preserver for universal use on exterior wood

Article No. 7240

Maintenance Oil

Solvent-based, decorative oil for wooden decking & garden furniture

Article No. 2652

Special primer for lightening weathered and greyed woods

Article No. 1504


Solvent-based linseed oil stain with a very long open time

Article No. 2787


Aidol PU-Holzersatzmasse

Solvent-free resin component for reconstructing interior and exterior wood

Article No. 2386


Article No. 2379

PUR ASL-226/05 Anti-Scratch Varnish

Two-component, cloth matt topcoat with excellent scratch resistance for extreme mechanical stresses

Article No. 5130


Rofalin Acrylic

Weather protection paint for wood and other substrates in indoor and outdoor areas

Article No. 2330



Additive for producing textured coatings

Article No. 1942


Article No. 5090

Sealing Primer

Water-based special coating to prevent bleeding of substances in wood

Article No. 3440


Thinner V 101

Cleaning and thinning agent

Article No. 0978


UMA-824 Universal Metal Adhesion Additive

Additive for improving the adhesion of selected coatings on selected metals

Article No. 3249


Article No. 1947


V-890 Thinner

Rapid thinning and fast cleaning of tools

Article No. 1955


Care Set for Windows

For painted and stained wooden windows

Article No. 2745

Wood Preservative Primer

Solvent-based wood preservative impregnation with preventive action against blue stain, soft rot and insects

Article No. 2066

Wood Revitalizer

Special cleaner and brightener for use on wood in outdoor areas

Article No. 2641