Waterproofing & damp-proofing

Permanently protected buildings thanks to dense and dry walls

The effectiveness and durability of waterproofing depends on expert planning and implementation of the works. SInce the summer of 2017, planners and installers have been using the new DIN 18533 standard as a basis for waterproofing new build structures below ground level.

Water and salt are responsible for most building damage. As a consequence, visible damp lines, destroyed joints, sanding or, in the worst case, can cause irreparable damage to the building's substance. In addition, brick walls saturated with moisture are harmful to users and residents. The basis for solving these kind of complex damage processes is good planning - the waterproofing concept.

With the introduction of the new series of standards for waterproofing buildings, the material, which has been comprehensively tested, meets the planning and installation principles for this type of damp protection as outlined in DIN 18534 ‘Interior waterproofing’.

Waterproofing & repair of buildings

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Article No. 1810

Single-component, solvent-free, strengthening silicification concentrate

Article No. 3008

Special primer

Article No. 3014

Multi-functional building waterproofing Combines the properties of flexible and crack-bridging mineral waterproofing grouts (MWG; AbP as per PG-MDS/FPD) and bitumen thick coatings (PMBC; U report according to DIN EN 15814)

Article No. 0886

Two-component, solvent-free, polymer-modified bituminous thick coating with rubber granulate filler

Article No. 0888

High-grade, crack-bridging, polymer-modified 2K bituminous thick coating with polystyrene

Article No. 0870

Single-component, solvent-free, polymer-modified bituminous thick coating with rubber granulate fillers

Article No. 5071

High-quality, premium sealing tape based on nitrile rubber and coated with non-woven fabric

Article No. 5017

Highly elastic, self-adhesive butyl rubber waterproofing tape on polypropylene non-woven fabric

Article No. 0823

Highly durable, 3-layer protective sheet with decoupling function

Article No. 4350

Special flange + adhesive for waterproofing pipe lead-throughs

Article No. 0430

Rigid mineral waterproofing grout with high resistance to sulphate

Article No. 0405

Rigid mineral waterproofing slurry for new buildings

Article No. 0445

Single-component flexible waterproofing grout

Article No. 0429

Quick-setting waterproofing mortar for grouting and filling with high sulphate resistance

Article No. 0426

Waterproofing filler with high sulphate resistance

Article No. 0423

Quick-setting waterproofing filler

Article No. 0727

Solvent-free silane cream for horizontal barriers against rising damp in masonry

Article No. 1813

Water-dilutable siloxane concentrate