Renovate old render areas - the quick and easy way to a perfect façade

Buildings change. Dirt and air pollutants collect on the façades over time. Moisture penetrates the façade. If renovation work is scheduled, the façades are usually cleaned, but sometimes this is not enough.

If there are extremely high levels of salts, we recommend reducing the salt levels in the areas close to the surface, as an alternative to permanent single or dual-layer restoration render systems, working with sacrificial renders, also called compress renders.


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Article No. 4953

Equipment for preliminary investigations for masonry restoration

Article No. 0401

Salt storing, WTA-compliant pore undercoat render in the restoration render system for masonry subjected to moisture and salt loads

Article No. 0402

WTA-compliant restoration render for masonry subjected to moisture and salt loads

Article No. 0416

WTA-compliant restoration render for damp and salt-loaded masonry with especially high sulphate resistance

Article No. 1077

WTA-compliant salt-bonding render/sacrificial render

Article No. 0575

Specially formulated undercoat render

Article No. 0576

Specially formulated render finishing coat

Article No. 0543

Basic mixture (dry-slaked, cement-free sand/lime mortar) for producing mortars and renders to a historical formulation with the addition of local aggregates

Article No. 0404

WTA-compliant restoration render for masonry with water and salt loads

Article No. 0491

Undercoat render based on NHL 5

Article No. 0490

Finishing render based on NHL 3.5